Fighting for our kids

My family and I fought a long, hard battle last year. One of my kids was suicidal and another one was sexually assaulted…all at the same time. How does a parent deal with all of that and get through better on the other side?!?! Here’s how:

4 thoughts on “Fighting for our kids

  1. Candice, this was great and so needed. You know my kids are grown and I have grandkids the age of your kids but I agree, the battle is great—greater than we can actually understand. I love your motto, your stand, “Fixing my eyes on Jesus”. God inspires me through you. My motto has become “Trusting Him”! Miss you!

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    1. Jan, your steadfastness as a Christian wife, mother, and grandmother mean more to me than you know. Thank you for your encouraging words! I’m learning, slowly but surely, to keep my eyes fixed on Him 😊.


  2. Amen! Love this. God is so good, yet he often gets the blame for Satan’s lies and sticky webs. What a tricky world to navigate without God in your life. Praying for our youth! Thank you sweet friend ❤️


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