My Favorites

Kari’s Key Symbols -Kari has gone to great lengths to formulate symbols for many key words that you might mark when using the inductive study method.

Amazima Ministries-Some may know this ministry as the Kisses from Katie ministry. They share Jesus and feed children in Uganda. I’ve travelled here and served alongside Katie Davis. This is a wonderful ministry!!

Hope & Help International-Interested in spreading the gospel? Hope and Help International does a phenomenal job training pastors in India to share Jesus in their communities!! I’ve seen it with my own eyes :). I’ve also traveled to Israel with HHI on their maiden voyage there. UNFORGETTABLE!!

Gracefully Truthful-This is an amazing ministry that I write Digging Deeper for. Check them out and go deep!!

Imperfectly Brave-I’ll be speaking at their conference this year on November 3-4. This ministry has a heart for prayer. To come to the conference, get your tickets here.

Woman After God’s Own Heart-Come join the diversity of God’s Kingdom. This is a perfect conference to build bridges between all races, ethnicities, socio-economic classes, religions. Lynda has a heart for the broken and downcast. This is a great opportunity to buy a ticket for someone who may never get to go to a women’s conference.